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Looking for a new dream?

Have you been scouring job boards looking for Optometrist jobs that are fulfilling?

If you’re an optometrist, a dispensing optician, or anyone else in the optical sector looking for a permanent or locum position?
Then you’re in the right place.

NeedAnOptom.com is a boutique recruitment consultancy run by opticians for opticians. We are dedicated to helping you to find the perfect position, somewhere you can be happy at work. https://needanoptom.com/my-account/

So, if happiness to you means better career prospects, a higher salary, a job closer to home. Even if it’s just a change from where you are now, then we’ll help you find that amazing new job.

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On top of traditional recruitment, we also offer all of our candidates complimentary CET training in subjects diverse as GDPR awareness and sales training to help you to generate more value for your new employer, but also to lay the groundwork for you to advance in your career.

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