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Optician Jobs

NeedAnOptom.com has taken a wholly different approach to finding Optician jobs for independent practices, multiples, hospitals and domiciliary care.

             Of course we offer a traditional recruitment service to rapidly find just the right staff for your business, but we also offer a package where we utilise the talents of our skilled social media consultants to seek out the very best professionals in the optical sector whilst allowing our clients to spread the cost of their recruitment over many months, and we have a solution to the problem of emergency locum sourcing.

Our packages in a little more detail:

So, if you’re looking for a permanent/resident member of staff or a locum to temporarily fill a vacancy or cover when staff are off sick, contact us today. With NeedAnOptom.com you’ll have the fastest, most efficient, most cost-effective way of finding the staff you need, when and where you need them.

The Traditional Recruiter Packagefees charged as a % of total salary

This is our premium package offering advertising on our job board together with position promotion to our following of 12,000+ optical sector professionals on Facebook and LinkedIn, professional recruitment to seek out the best of the best, CV review, reference taking, and interviewing to determine suitability. All to ensure that we find the right person for your optician positions and other roles. To speak to us about our traditional recruiter package.

The EasyRecruitTM Packagefees spread over 6 months

Rapid resourcing utilising our digital and social media expertise. Concentrated access to our digital presence online as well as our social media following of 12,000+ optical sector professionals on Facebook and LinkedIn through promotion of your position up to 3x a week to our responsive audience, job posting on our online job board, and free access to our Locum Package to help you rapidly find a locum for your business when you need them most. To find out more about how EasyRecruitTM can help you fill your optometry vacancies and other jobs.

The Locum Packagejust £100 a year for full access

Over the years we have built up a database of hundreds of locums across the country. When you choose our Locum Package you will have a year’s access to this database. So, when someone calls in sick or leaves you in the lurch, just let us know and we’ll immediately beam out a message to all the locums on our database who are closest to you and send you the details of those who are available right now. A cancelled clinic may cost you hundreds, not to mention the potential reputational damage, so make that a problem of the past. To find out more about our rapid solution to your dispensing optician, technician or optometrist locum position needs.