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What is the Kickstart scheme – Optics  specific

The Kickstart scheme is designed to help young people (16-24) who are currently on universal credit to develop the skills and experience they need to find work, through valuable 6 month job placements.

Optics specific Skills Employability skills Optical specific knowledge The £1500 government grant which goes alongside each work placement

Via the scheme, the Government is funding 100% of every placement and offering grants of £1,500 per role to cover the cost of training and employability support. The Government will also cover all necessary employer national insurance and pension contributions meaning the schemes are 100% cost neutral to employers.

The scheme is run by the DWP and Jobcentre who will help place candidates in Kickstarter roles. The scheme is open to any employer that can offer more than 30 job roles OR to any employer who applies via an official Government Gateway, like us. Just fill in the form below and we will give you a call letting you know the progress.

Once you have applied, the next step is a call from us to identify your specific situation and needs, so if you have any questions, just ask us then.

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Kickstart Optics Locumotive & need an optom Application Form for Employees interested in Paid Internship with 16 -24 year olds

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