A few more happiness sapping things to look out for at work are: - Need an Optom



A few more happiness sapping things to look out for at work are:

  • Do your values and your company’s culture align? If you are constantly butting heads with colleagues you may be in the wrong job.

  • Do the senior partners care about your career development? Happiness often comes from a feeling of accomplishment, of progression towards your goals, but if your bosses are holding you back it may be time to look for a new employer who values your career aspirations, and your determination to achieve them.
  • Does the company encourage new ideas? There’s nothing more exciting than innovation – if your employers are stuck in the past and happy to be there, but you’ve got bigger plans, it may be time to stretch your wings.
  • Do you have a great relationship with your colleagues? Great friendships at work can make even the worst jobs seem bearable. Though you should never settle for bearable of course.
  • Do managers consistently deliver praise and recognition?
    A ‘well done’ can go such a long way to improving happiness.
  • Does work feel fulfilling? Or is it a toxic, negative environment that sucks the life out of anything good and positive, such as a boss going out of their way to find fault for the smallest of things, but ignore things you should be praised for?
  • Does travelling to work take too long? Anything more than 45 minutes to an hour is just not worth it, no matter how good your job is, if you want a decent work-life balance.

If you are a  optometrist or dispensing optician these off food for thoughts get yourself placed in a job that is harmonious and not toxic .


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